General FAQ's

Why choose Sunshadow Tinting for your window tinting needs?

Not all window films or window film companies are the same. Many tinting shops use inferior window films that can bubble and fade over time. We exclusively offer the top line of 3M window films that will last for years to come and include a premium warranty. Our years of experience and dedication to quality of work ensures you receive a superior product and installation. Simply put, you can expect to pay more for a quality window film and quality workmanship.

How do I clean my windows?

All 3M window films can be cleaned with any glass cleaner.

Automotive FAQ's

What kind of a warranty does 3M have?

3M Color-Stable films come with a lifetime warranty that cover fading, bubbling, cracking, delamination or discoloration. They are also guaranteed for life to never turn purple.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

Simply give us a call and we will give you a quote.

I have seen tinted windows that have bubbles and are purple in color. Why is this?

This happens for several reasons. First, many tint shops use inferior and cheap window films that can bubble and fade over time. We offer the top line of 3M window films that will last for years to come.

Second reason for bubbling window tint is that many so called professional shops do not know how to properly install your window film or they rush the job, resulting in a poor installation. Rest assured that Sunshadow Tinting has the experience and knowledge to tint your windows with the highest possible quality.

Do you tint my vehicle's rear window in one piece installation without any strips or seams?

Yes. In addition, we take the time to tint behind the rear brake light instead of cutting around it.

How long before I can roll down my windows?

Just 3 days.

Will I be able to see well through my tinted windows while driving?

Yes. 3M automotive window film is designed to be seen through clearly and easily from the inside looking out.

What are the laws in Wisconsin concerning automotive window tinting?

Wisconsin law states that your vehicle must have no less than 50% visible light transmission through the front driver and passenger windows and no less than 35% visible light transmission through the rear side windows and rear window. Mirrored and reflective films are not legal in Wisconsin no matter what the darkness.

Residential and Commercial FAQ's

How do I get an estimate for my home or business?

We offer free local estimates. We prefer to come directly to your location in order to properly assess your situation and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Will window tinting reduce fading on my floors and furnishings?

Yes. 3M window films installed on your windows will reduce UV rays, heat and light which are all causes of fading.

Will my home remain cooler with window film?

Yes. 3M window films block up to 79% of heat that would normally pass through your windows. We have a variety of tint shades to suit your level of comfort in heat reduction.

Does this mean I can save money on energy costs?

Yes. Tinting your windows will keep your air conditioner from working as hard. Window tinting can pay for itself in a few short years.

What is the process for installing window film on my home?

We move any furniture out of the way and lay tarps down to protect your flooring. Then we clean the inside of the glass thoroughly and start our window film application process. Once the window film is installed we do a final clean on the windows, clean up and you can begin to enjoy your newly tinted windows.

What kind of warranty is there?

3M residential window films come with a lifetime warranty that cover fading, cracking, bubbling, peeling, delamination or discoloration. 3M commercial and safety films have up to a 12 year warranty.

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